Kyiv Investment Forum: Challenges and Goals


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The concept of this year’s Kyiv Investment Forum is to reconsider the city’s infrastructure given the probability of pandemics similar to coronavirus. The participants of the Forum are experts in various areas, opinion leaders, representatives of authorities, and business.

A powerful local economy, developed infrastructure, full self-sufficiency, and necessities self-provision, as well as community cohesion, are prerequisites for a modern city to function effectively under a long-term quarantine. Besides, the support of local producers and farmers is essential to ensure uninterrupted operations. That is why “Go Local. Think Global» has become the motto of the Forum. The city development plan will provide for localization of the economy with consideration of global trends.

Apart from plans, there are other important issues to be considered. During the epidemic, the event management and the tourism industries suffered the most. Ways to take advantage of the huge tourist potential of the city, attract foreigners, and restore festivals and music events will also be discussed at the Forum.

The participants of the Kyiv Investment Forum will certainly not forget about the environmental problems of the Kyiv region and ways to improve the hard ecological situation in the city. After all, improving the environment is a key to the health of Kyiv citizens.

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