Development of Kyiv region in quarantine conditions: what will be discussed at the Kyiv Investment Forum


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The ways to continue the development of the Kyiv region in the conditions of quarantine restrictions and fight against pandemic caused by COVID-19 coronavirus infection will be discussed at the Kyiv Investment Forum. The event is scheduled for September 2020 at the Mystetsky Arsenal and will be held if the epidemic situation is favorable.

The Forum will include panel discussions with leading industry experts. A key panel discussion «Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Urban Development. Global trends. Ukrainian reality. Local Identity» will open the event. The discussion will focus on the investment in the city’s critical infrastructure, strategies for anti-crisis development of Kyiv, and its environmental safety.

The development of domestic tourism and improvement of the cultural attractiveness of the Kyiv region will be the topic of the Investment Forum’s second part entitled «Cultural Heritage and New Image of the Greater Kyiv as a Long-Term Strategy of Community Humanitarian Development and Tourism Potential Enhancement”.

Large and small businesses are the driving force of the Kyiv region’s economic development. Their influence on the development of communities, social initiatives launched by companies, and their participation in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, as well as business cases of the Kyiv agglomeration entrepreneurs working in various industries will be discussed. The participants will also talk about the shift to local production. After all, it is not only the production of goods but also the search for raw materials, establishing supply chains, and finding the end consumer. «The Development of Local Business: from Small Producers to Consumers» discussion will be devoted to these issues.

At the end of the Kyiv Investment Forum, the discussion will focus on the entertainment industry and festivals in the conditions of shrinking foreign tourism. Experts will talk about processes taking place in the event management industry and difficulties faced by the industry during and after quarantine.

International and Ukrainian investors, representatives of foreign municipalities, local authorities, Kyiv business, event management, and IT community are invited to participate in the event.

Over the five years, the Kyiv Investment Forum has become a large-scale platform for joint projects of the city government, business community, and the public sector.

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