Post-COVID-19: the development of Kyiv in the context of global challenges will be discussed at the Kyiv Investment Forum


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Ways to overcome the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic and restore the social and economic development of Ukraine’s capital will be the main topic of the Kyiv Investment Forum. The event is scheduled for September 2020, but whether it will be held at the planned time will depend on the situation in the country and the world, says the Department of Economy and Investment of Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA).

The selected focus area is associated with the global trend to localize business and investment, and their development in certain agglomerations as a result of quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

«The tight quarantine environment has brought up many questions, including economic ones. The disruption of trade flows between countries leads to the localization of business. In such conditions, support for local producers is needed. The infrastructure of the city also has to be reconsidered. The epidemic has shown the need to create critical infrastructure facilities that would enable Kyiv to function autonomously if the next pandemics occur. That is why this year’s Investment Forum will be held under the motto of Go Local. Think Global — Act Local. Think Global», — says Natalia Melnik, Director of Economic and Investment Department of KSCA.

«In moments of global turbulence, Kyiv needs to develop a strategy that is ready to be adapted to the ever-changing world,» she adds.

New business environment requires concentration of efforts on small business development and satisfaction of basic consumer needs, health, and life safety, influence on communities, the search of strategic approaches to the development of local cultural heritage, tourism potential, and entertainment industry within Kyiv agglomeration.

Held in September 2019, last year’s Kyiv Investment Forum was dedicated to the idea of creating the Greater Kyiv. It brought together about a thousand experts and opinion leaders from around the world. Among the forum participants were Jacek Majchrowski, Deputy Mayor of Budapest Gabor Bagdi, and Nobel Peace Prize 2007 winner Rajendra Pachauri. The Forum was opened by the Kyiv City Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

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